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Planners for mindful goal setters.

Designed to promote self-awareness, our undated, executive-sized 6-month planners provide an intuitive framework for goal-setting, task tracking, and self-reflection. Featuring a calendar, weekly spreads, note pages, and a variety of trackers, use it to record appointments, habits, mood, water, sleep, and more.

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The Oat Agility Planner started out the small project of avid organizers, each of us seeking the perfect planner for personal use. 

As tech professionals we have often used the Agile Method, an iterative approach to developing products, at work. As regular people we saw no reason not to apply these philosophies to ourselves.

The planner is designed to track tasks, big and small, and divide larger goals into smaller, manageable pieces — in manageable units of time called 'sprints'.

We want to help bring clarity to the things you want to achieve, piece by piece.


In the past I've bought planners and "tried to make them work", only to give up after a few weeks because they just didn't work the way my brain worked.... I felt like I was fighting the system. This is the first planner I've had that I'm excited to use!!!

Tracy Carmack

This framework is AMAZING. Literally. I can't wait to get my second planner. It has changed my life. They are only 6-months, so @oatproductivity, you should consider making these a subscription service!

Neysha Rivera

This planner proved to be really useful. I'd had other planners before but they never gave me the sense of structure that Oat has.

Rachel F.

The Rose Quartz planner is really attractive in person. The website doesn't do it justice! 

Davina P.

The planners are nice — big and easy to write in, but not too big. I love the hardcover. It has everything I need to plan for 6 months.

Aashish T.

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