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A planner for those who need help with planning.

Many planners come with calendar spreads, to do lists, and a variety of other tools ― but leave it up to you to figure out what to do with them.

The Oat Agility Planner was designed to fill that gap. While it includes those familiar planner features, it also shows you how to plan in a way that is both sustainable and flexible.

Oat guides you towards naturally organized thinking by helping you divide your time into intervals and manage your goals without losing them in the chaos of everyday life.

No frills. No fuss. Just a planner for those who need help with planning.

Simple, steady self-improvement.

Tech industry frameworks made human

Our undated planners use Sprints, and draw from the Agile-based Scrum software framework, which we have molded into an intuitive, people-friendly system.

Designed using behavioural therapy techniques

Our planners focus on free-form visualization, commitment, reflection, and reinforcement through repeated review of your goals.

Classic planner features, and more

All Oat planners come with 6 monthly calendar spreads, weekly spreads, and note pages. They also include wellness tracking and simple daily gratitude spaces.

Perfect Size, Easy Maintenance

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The Classic Four

Our simple covers go with anything.

A note from us

Admitting to being naturally anxious and disorganized can be difficult. We know, because we've been there.

As we've progressed in our careers and in life, we have, time and time again, found ourselves wishing for chaotic situations to be made simpler for us. The Oat Agility planner is the culmination of years of experimentation with stress-management and organizational framworks and apps. We have taken all the knowledge we have accrued, and poured it into this simple, paper-based planner.

We hope you find as much value and enjoyment in using it as we had in creating it.

―  The Oat Team

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In the past I've bought planners and "tried to make them work", only to give up after a few weeks because they just didn't work the way my brain worked.... I felt like I was fighting the system. This is the first planner I've had that I'm excited to use!!!

Tracy Carmack

This framework is AMAZING. Literally. I can't wait to get my second planner. It has changed my life. They are only 6-months, so @oatproductivity, you should consider making these a subscription service!

Neysha Rivera

This planner proved to be really useful. I'd had other planners before but they never gave me the sense of structure that Oat has.

Rachel F.

The Rose Quartz planner is really attractive in person. The website doesn't do it justice! 

Davina Patel

The planners are nice — big and easy to write in, but not too big. I love the hardcover. It has everything I need to plan for 6 months.

Aashish T.