How to use

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First Use

Run through these steps the first time you open your planner. Ideally you should only do this one time in the 6 months you use this planner.

Envision a Future You

Fill out your Vision Board with all the things you want to have achieved in 6 months. While this step is optional, it can help you define your goals.


Create Goals

Use your Vision Board to define up to 5 personal milestones and up to 5 professional milestones. Fill out your Personal Goals and Professional Goals pages with these milestones. Roughly divide each milestone into smaller, more easily achievable tasks.


Create your Backlog

Add all of these tasks into your Backlog page. Add any other important tasks you need to do to the Backlog page as well. You can update this page whenever you want.

Starting your Sprint

The start of every sprint involves planning for the sprint. Look at your Backlog page and pull those tasks into your sprint.

    During your Sprint

    Daily Review

    Remember to review your sprint page daily! The sprint planning page is meant to give you an at-a-glance overview of what you need to do, what you have done, and how you've been feeling.


    Review your sprint plan every day, and update your task status.
    Track your mood by circling the face that most reflects your mood.
    Track whether or not you met your water goals. Set your own goals, and fill the glass up if you have met them.
    Track your sleep quality. This tracker is not meant to track how many hours you have slept - rather how well you slept. Fill or cross out a circle if you feel well-rested. 

    Weekly Agenda

    Use the weekly spreads to fill our your daily appointments. Use the notes section to track smaller to-do items if needed.

      Ending your Sprint

      When you have finished all your tasks or 3 weeks are up (whichever comes first), fill out your Reflect and Refocus page by writing down what went well, what could have been better, and how you will improve for next sprint.

      Optionally, reflect on your mood, water goals, and sleep quality during the sprint. Track these for future referral.


        Other Features

        Here are some other useful features you can use for tracking appointments and habits.

        Monthly Calendar
        Daily Habit Tracker

        Use the Habits page to track your habits!