Our Story

Oat is a small Canadian company, founded by two productivity enthusiasts who love to plan.

It all started when one of us couldn't find a planner that suited all her needs. Most other planners had no structure for goal setting, and when they did, they didn't include mood tracking, or habit tracking, or a weekly spread format that worked the way she wanted it to.

As an engineer, she realized there was no reason she couldn't bring her perfect planner to life. She set to work on making it a reality, learning all about print design in the process. It was her own little side-project — something special tailored just to her. When she received her planner and showed it to her friends, family, and peers, they were all intrigued.

This is when her sister, another engineer, decided to take the vision to the next level. She loved the design, and suggested a simple name that represented the growth mindset the planner was designed around: Oat. She learned about the ins and outs of running a business, in order to share these planners with the world.

Almost by accident, these sisters, Bhavya and PK , built Oat from only a seed of an idea. Now, the Oat Agility Planner aids many others in organizing their lives, helping them sow the seeds of their best selves.

Bhavya is no longer involved in with Oat. Busy with her tech job in the United States. she uses the Oat Agility Planner she originally conceptualized daily without fail.

PK continues to grow Oat and provide its customers with quality planners. And now, it's truly a family business — even their mama is involved.

The Oat Agility Planner is something we swear by and would not have wanted to share if we didn't believe in the framework it provides. We hope that you find as much joy in using our planners as we have found in creating them.